Frequently Asked Questions


Data retrieve

- With every profile, we will retrieve 20 recent matches from PUBG's data for the new query whether updated time > 15 minutes. For the Season stats, the data will be retrieve one hour one time and lifetime is one day.

Match Replay 2D

- You can review match replay 2D of any match within 14 days.


Our leaderboards?

- Our leaderboards are based on the player who queried on our system. It is not accurate with PUBG's leaderboard.


Requirement for a tournament standing.

- We will create a tournament board similar display with on our system. If you have any demands on the tournament, please contact us

Create your own tournament with custom match

- We provide a function for creating a tournament, you need to login and try it in user board.


How to get the Match ID?

- You can get the match id from the profile of the player. Show more information of the match of the profile player, you will see the ID: xxx-xxx. This is the match id, you copy it and paste in Match fearture to get more information of this match.


- Feel free to contact us here or email: [email protected] We hope the contact from you.